Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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RAPE: The Shame and the Shameless

Like everyone else these days, I dread to read this news of horror in the mornings. 
I wish it would fade away..Oh, it does but not forever. There is a deceitful lull and sure enough there is a spurt..And the commotion and the usual indignant voices...

 While the no of incidences of rape and violence against hapless women and even more shockingly against girl-child continues to make unpalatable news , one is now forced to think of the cause and effect phenomenon.

This particular crime of shaming the woman's dignity and vilifying her character is not new..It was glamorized from the days of 70s Hindi Cinema and certain villains were even believed to be veterans at it..( For eg, Ranjit, Madanpuri, Prem Chopra etc)
We say that it is this day and age which has caused a quantum leap in crime against women.But It has nothing to do with less reportage then or more publicity now as claimed hollowly by some.

 It is becoming a crime of epidemic proportions, monstrous in its unsparing nature.

What I say next may not find many takers, and certainly it’s not a modern, popular opinion. I may sound orthodox or too old fashioned by nature and may even sound moralistic or preachy, but a little moral never hurt anyone. Especially in such immoral times.

There is a lot of undesirable 'connections' and 'mingling' taking place in social circuits of the Party/ Pubbing culture and flaunted as modern and civilized urban living, ostensibly called "COOL and Happening" euphemistically. Oh, there is lot of truth in it, I am afraid and.... in the widely prevalent dating culture of youth which they have adopted in most urban centres. 

Both such 'aping west' phenomenon and 'selling of Romance the Valentine's day's way' , using widespread social media has largely contributed to never before heard spurt in courtship and breakups and innumerable social and criminal fall-outs because of the same.

The irresponsible behaviour of the "haves" in flaunting their wild and irresponsible nocturnal habits would certainly have caused "have-nots” and fringe criminal elements in society into thinking "if it suits them, it is OK for us as well!"
 Strange logic? Criminal minds ?Yes..... but there are opportunities aplenty when you count the cases of courting couples attacked in lonely spots in and around the cities, esp in the wee hours of the day.

 There is no denial that today's society has lost a lot of moral nerve and ethical values.
All the conventional and safe practices of the past generation, which included separation of boys from girls till marriage to some extent are dubbed ‘silly’ and dismissed and even ridiculed as 'UNCOOL' and ‘Stupid’.

The situation has come to such a pass that even schools have turned into horror homes and teachers as depraved monsters. And then there is the widespread and uncontrolled use of Internet porn too, which has been made easily accessible to everyone on their mobile phones , which almost everyone seems to possess.
Always misuse outscores the right use and negative results outrun the positives...
Unfortunate but true.

The very people who rush to streets protesting RAPE  in bold banners today, what fundamental change in their lifestyle are they prepared to adopt to remain safe?
..Are they even coming half way to meet the authorities?

When cops are near the couples on beaches or parks and keep tabs on them with CCTV and all, we protest this as "Moral police"; and when they are not around and goons take over and attack us, we blame it as lack of security…
What are the authorities to do, then?..Aren't we putting them on the horns of an unenviable dilemma?

We talk of ‘deterrent’ punishment and some even emotionally suggest castration, but such cruel punishments will never find the nod of law in our democratic setup. There will be an immediate stay order in some court, even if a  Govt finds courage to pass such a law. They will first complain of misuse of law.

To add credence to the 'misuse' theory, already many false cases have been foisted on men by jilted women after years of co-habitation too!

Generally, this country lags far far behind in Policing and public security; besides sensitivity of the police officers in handling such cases is as good as nonexistent. They are but mere puppets in the hands of powerful politicians who always have the last word as to who should be arrested and who should be let loose. Why, some accused have even hailed from their families. So what can be expected from such immoral rulers as anything but fence eating the crop itself?

'Responsible living', 'disciplined life-style' and add a bit of grand-ma wisdom of 'come home early before sunset, do not be too friendly with all men' etc , might even just work for many urban young ladies...

 Thrills may have their place for the young ladies but then so does lurking Danger in the midnights when you wobble around drunkenly or drugged to the nostrils and found in the company of other men in questionable circumstances!
 Crime is just waiting to happen!

"Behave", our elders used to say, "do not take Risks", they preached. "Have some shame!" they shrilled....they advised "and lead simple, morally correct life devoid of liquor and drugs and live happily longer..
What’s so wrong with it, I can't, for the world of me understand. May be I am not a PARTY ANIMAL...Never thought the word ANIMAL suited me anyway!.
Is adopting a "safe, responsible living" devoid of "intoxicated 'happy hours' ", asking too much?..If it is, well then it’s too bad, but that's the way it is.


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