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Book review: Chanakya’s chant

Book review:

 Chanakya’s  chant



Author: Ashwin  Sanghi

Many critics have raved about and against his Rozabal Line and Krishna Key..

The Chanakaya’s Chant is the second one of his novels

This is a supposed to be a Historical and Political drama , one thread on the famous Chanakya , the wily, intelligent but crooked, smart but cunning, successful but cruel Brahmin guide and philosopher who has a personal vendetta agenda to settle with the present Magadha king.
He plots , confuses and creates a holy mess in warfare among neighboring kings and their states to get what he wants…He wants to install his protégé Chandragupta Maurya in place..
The second thread of story running parallels is that of  modern day politician/ king maker called
Gangasagar who does the same with modern political parties, forges alliances with crooked mine owners, real estate businessmen, hijras, “honey traps”  and assassins to make and break alliances that he wants in power.
He also has his puppet PM candidate who he wants to establish in Delhi…
 How things turn out for the original  Chanakya and this modern chanakya , Gangasagar is the rest of the story.
It is Ok, its like a  new type of story line mixing History and present day politics  together . It is not very complimentary on Great Brahmin Chanakya as we know him; in fact author tries his best to make him detestable and as villainous as possible.
The writing style is not so great. It is mere hype that this author is hailed as 'Indian Dan Brown' (of Da Vinci code fame)

This book is supposed to be made into a Hindi movie by UTV.
Rating: 3/5

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