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Ayodhya : A Mixed Bag

(Disclaimer: The views expressed here are personal, in a humorous vein and not intended to cause distress or hurt to any group or community)

Whew..I can almost hear a collective sigh of relief across the country as the Ayodhya verdict was pronounced.
It was almost like living in a Military State the last two days, with the milling Police,  ‘In-The- Face’ Security, Stifling Media restrictions making it like the End of the world was close and breathing down the country’s neck ..

As it transpired, some kind of a ‘politically correct’ and even ‘likeable’, ‘seemingly fair’ decision was meted out behind the closed gates of Allahabad High Court.
 I mean there was something in it for everybody…The winners, the losers and the bystanders… 
It was what the Central Govt saddled with the onerous task of maintaining law and order could have ever hoped for..It was as they said ‘No-one-lost-No one won’ kind of a situation…The kind where no one can strongly resent the verdict.

But unfortunately even after this ‘win-win’ judgment, no one came out victorious in the end. It solved exactly….NOTHING…

While Hindus can rejoice over the fact that Lord Ram is now a ‘ legally accepted God’( Much to chagrin of detractors in Dravidian parties who questioned about Ram in the not so distant past), Muslims despite their plea vacated, are free to appeal to Supreme Court or come around for that elusive reconciliatory talks, whatever suits them..
The other entity Nirmohi Akhara( Ram jaane, what they wish to achieve) being Sadhus, and bhaktas of Bhajrang Bali have Sita’s Rasoi to look after…

So is the issue over then?
Or as the Electronic media is blaring non stop: “India can move on..”?
May be
India can and will…No one can hold this great force back any longer.

But this issue will go into another long legal loop in the Supreme Court before any one party can claim actual implementable victory…

In sporting terms this was a DRAW or TIE… Haven’t heard of any Cricket match or football game ending in the Finals with a Draw… If it is not even acceptable to two teams in sport, will it be in real-life scenario as complicated as this one?

Hopefully one day , the Supreme court will give the final “FINAL” Decision and we can all move the next controversy !!


  1. The Karnataka Govt outdid everyone.
    It was so scared that it closed schools for two days.
    The kids are celebrating!

    All was quiet and peaceful here.
    The issue has ceased to agitate people like it used to.

    So, let it go to the Supreme Court.
    As if it can do any better.
    After all the CJI is also just another judge, may be senior but not necessarily wiser.

    The Waqf board might be taking a big risk by appealing to the supreme court. What if it loses even this 1/3 share?

    I hope they review their decision.
    If they don't let's at least thank our stars that the supreme court's decision will be final and this issue will be finally settled.

    Or, am I being naive?
    Was the Supreme Court's decision in the Shah Bano Case final?
    We all know what happened then. Will something similar happen to this case too?
    Let's wait and see.

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