Sunday, May 17, 2009

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Rising Sons en(N)d DA

Rising Sons en(N)d DA

Everyone was waiting with bated breath for the Election results, switching TV channels from T-20 matches to News. Like I did.

Then yesterday it became amply clear by mid-day that the ‘rising’ sons of the grand old political families like Azhagiri fighting on the party’s Rising sun symbol from Madurai in TN and Rahul from the Gandhi family with his young ‘Hand’, who scorched the soils of UP in harsh sunny May days, had their last laugh…

….Exceptions like Raghavendra , Yeddyurappa’s son in Shimoga eclipsed the Machiavellian Bangarappa of the Congress too… then there were Kumaraswamy, Jyotoraditya and Milind Deora all carrying their fathers’ political genes had reasons to smile, for their ‘Dilli dreams’ had come real.

Varun , son of Sanjay Gandhi has made his political debut too… But unlike Azhagiri or Rahul Gandhi he did not belong to the UPA…But in his own ‘foot in the mouth’ way, he might well have contributed to the ‘end of NDA too’!

But while a Raghavendra or a Varun bloomed ‘Lotuses’ with their individual victories, Stalin , the other son of the DMK patriarch and Dayanidhi , the son of Maran family worked behind the scenes to ensure that their ‘Rising Sun’ verily burnt Amma’s ‘Two green leaves’ in TN…

The UPA which dashed and ended NDA’s comeback hopes this time around with resounding results is yet to mop up the remaining numbers to hit the magical 272 to resume Power…But then who will be naive enough to think that they won’t, with all their machinations and persuasive skills and resources available in plenty?

If you look at the background of it all and what must have transpired in Indian Voter’s minds, you would see a dismal Market scene where thousands continue to lose jobs, bursting population , Infrastructure at breaking point and burgeoning pollution and a threatening Global warming…Plus the shifty and ‘blow hot blow cold’ BJP Politicians with rampant in-fighting on the Right extreme and Left parties belonging to another age and time with their ‘no-takers’ Marxist philosophy might have been seen as poor alternatives indeed..

No wonder then that the voter must have heaved a resigned sigh and shook the ‘ Congress hand’ to guide them to a centrist path…for immediate survival and possible development…

So then , that’s how it must be… hopefully for five more years……Amid echoes of ‘Jai Ho’ and ‘Singh is King’, the ‘Queen’ preens and smiles benevolently from 7, Race Course Road…

Dare you not talk in disdain about Italy and pasta ever again…
The Queen in sari rules with an iron ‘hand’…
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